How much does DCSD charge per letter?

At DCSD, we never charge by the letter. A typical attorney letter could cost hundreds of dollars. At DCSD, your monthly fee includes an unlimited number of letters. However, no one is going to need an unlimited number of letters and the reason is because the law is very clear. Once a bill collector receives the letter stating that you’re represented by an attorney, that bill collector can never call you again. If that bill collector does call you again, now they owe you money.

There’s a federal law called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. It’s a federal law that states all the things that a bill collector can and cannot do when they’re communicating with someone about the debt that they owe. Among other things, this law states that the minute that a bill collector receives a letter stating that their consumer is represented by an attorney, the bill collector can no longer call or write letters to that consumer. So, you don’t need an unlimited number of letters. You need one letter from your lawyer telling the bill collectors to stay away.