What can I do about creditor harassment?

The three most popular laws for fighting creditor harassment are the FDCPA, the FCCPA and the TCPA. The FDCPA is a federal law that stands for the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The FCCPA is a similar state law that stands for the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act and the TCPA is a federal law that stands for Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

All of these laws taken together govern the ways in which a bill collector can communicate with consumers. There’s a thousand ways that a bill collector or creditor can harass you. They can call you too much, at the wrong hours, they can call you names, they can even call you with a machine, or maybe call you multiple times in a day, or just keep calling you after you’ve told them not to.

One thing is very clear: once your lawyer tells them not to call you anymore, they’re not allowed to call you anymore. So if a creditor is harassing you, call your lawyer and he or she may be able to stop the harassment.