Why use DCSD for protection instead of filing for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is an expensive proposition. Court costs and attorney’s fees usually mean you’re spending thousands of dollars. Second, bankruptcy is more of a last case scenario option. When all hope has been lost, when you have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, bankruptcy will offer you a fresh start. However, the fact is that a lot of people don’t need to file bankruptcy.

There are laws in place that state what bill collectors can and cannot do when attempting to collect a debt from you. Generally speaking, a bill collector only has a few options: they can call you, they can send you letters, and they can take you to court. DCSD will send a letter to the bill collectors telling them that we represent you. The letter is also going to state that any further communication should be directed to DCSD and not to our clients. The laws are very clear that once a bill collector gets notice that a person is represented by an attorney, they’re not allowed to send them any letters anymore and they’re not allowed to call them anymore. The reason that DCSD takes only clients that are seniors or disabled is because the law also protects the income of people who receive Social Security, pensions, disability benefits, Veteran’s benefits, and the law is very clear, that no matter what happens, a credit card company can’t take your protected income. So, the benefits of bankruptcy are that a bill collector stops calling you, a bill collector stops bothering you and that you don’t have to pay that bill again.

At DCSD, we strive for the same benefits. The bill collector can’t call you, the bill collector can’t write to you, and the bill collector can’t collect your debt. If your income is protected, there’s nothing a bill collector can do to force you to pay the debt.